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Wine Club Software

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  • Multiple clubs are supported with customer specific wine preference
  • Expired credit cards can be located before the club run is started
  • Quickly Builds hundreds or even thousands of club orders from template orders based on customer wine preference
  • Orders may be customized individually when desired
  • Club status is date specific. This allows for temporary suspension of shipments during customer vacations or gifting for a limited time.
  • Orders may be paid for by credit card, check or on-account charge
  • Credit cards are charged automatically
  • Only fully tendered orders can be processed for shipment
  • Prints packing slips
  • Prints invoices
  • Exports shipping information for packing and shipping by outside organizations
  • Interfaces with outside shipping systems such as UPS and FedEx
  • Shipping charges are based on number and type of bottles shipped, carrier and delivery zone
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