Weekend Emergency Support


An AMS employee can be reached on the weekend for emergency support from 9 am - 5:00 pm.  The AMS phone system will direct you to the on-call support mailbox if you are calling on a weekend or holiday.  You can leave a message directly in the mailbox by dialing 707-519-0652.  Please make sure that tasting room staff has this number and proper instructions for its use.

The on-call mailbox not monitored during regular business hours (weekdays 7:30 am – 5:00 pm) without advance arrangement for special events.  The on-call mailbox is intended as a way to contact AMS support staff on weekends and is for use in emergencies only.  AMS reserves the right to bill for non-emergency service requested.

Normal Weekday Support



Our help desk is a good place for quick answers to your questions.  The help desk isn’t a substitute for training.  It’s useful for remembering a forgotten step, or when attempting something you haven’t done in a while.  

If your system isn’t working correctly, the help desk is the right place to report it.  We’ll help you find a solution.

Each help desk operator talks to dozens of customers each day.  Most calls are short.  And each caller has a different topic.  Our help desk won’t know every detail about your company operation, configuration, or background like a trainer will.  We do know the answers about how AMS works, however, and we're happy to share them with you.

An important note about contacting our help desk:

It’s always a good idea to contact the helpdesk workgroup rather than an individual helpdesk person.  The group e-mail and voicemails are monitored.  So, your issue is acted on by the next available person.  Contacting individuals instead could delay our response. The person you reach directly may be out of the office, home sick, working on a long issue with another customer, in a meeting, or on vacation.  We monitor the workgroup contacts, but not each other’s phones or e-mail.

Contact the help desk at helpdesk@AMSsoftware.com or by calling (707) 539-7990, ext 1

If you get voice mail, be sure to leave a message and include your name, company, and phone number including extension, if any.  We return calls in the order we receive them.  So the voicemail you leave us “saves your place” in the work queue.

Helpdesk support doesn’t incur additional charges.  It’s paid for through part of your maintenance and technical support.

Hardware Department

For support with hardware (cash registers, scanning equipment, etc) or IT related issues please contact our hardware department:

Email: support@amssoftware.com

Phone: (707) 539-7990 ex2



For Sale Inquires Please contact: sales@amssoftware.com



Our address is:

4415 Sonoma Highway, Suite F, Santa Rosa, California 95409

The drive way can be a bit hard to see your first time. Please see this street view link to help, The building says “North Bay Medical Group” on the side.



There are two entrances to the building one by the street (A) and one around the back of the parking lot (B).  You will want to enter via the street entrance. We are upstairs in Suite F.

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