AMS University

Throughout the year we offer classes on different topics and modules throughout our system. These classes are great for those just starting their journey with AMS or for those that have been using the system for years. Classes are open to all employees of current AMS clients and announcements are made for each class via email. Below is a schedule of our upcoming classes, each class will be held at least once throughout the year, most are held twice.

Classes are invoiced at $100 per attendee to the company of each attendee. These invoices are sent separately from your regular monthly maintenance invoices.

Refund Policy for AMS Classes

When you sign up for an AMS class, we incur costs to provide the class.  Facility costs, preparation time, staff time for the event.  If someone signs up but doesn’t attend, our costs don’t go down. To be fair, if we can resell your seat we’ll credit your account for the price of the class.  If we don’t receive advance notice you’re unable to attend, or if we can’t resell your seat no credit is given.