Having good tools and knowing how to make the most of them are two different things. AMS customers already have the best winery software available. They also have access to trainers that are well experienced in winery business practices, and AMS software. When we install a new system, our trainers are a key part of the process.

Training services are also used by customers that need to train new employees, as a refresher for existing employees, or in cases where competence isn't enough and mastery is a goal of the company.

A lot of our customers use little or no training from us due the fact that once a user is competent in the system they can go quite far on their own, and with the support of our help desk.

Due to the fact that we have been in business a long time, and have many customers there is an established labor pool of experienced AMS users. AMS experience is often listed on resumes, and many wine industry job postings list AMS experience as a job qualification.

We don't try to get rich on training, just to make sure that everyone has access to the training that they want and need.