AMS was founded to provide the wine industry with software tools appropriate to their businesses. In practice we found that our software was well received, but to make the most of it our customers required more than just computer software. It was also necessary to keep their computers running, to school their people in how to use the software, to be available to answer the questions that come up from time to time, and to make changes to the software when needed.




In the beginning we just helped a little here, a little there to get the job done. As our user base grew offering the kind of support that our customers need, and have grown to expect was more than a casual effort. We responded by staffing to meet the needs of our customers. Today we offer a knowledgeable help desk, qualified trainers, hardware support, network services, and custom programming. The services we offer continue to expand, basically we do what it takes to allow our customers to get the most from their investment in AMS.