About Us

AMS has been in business since 1981.  We work hard to provide the best support and software offered in the industry.  We became successful when customers heard about us and began seeking us out. Our way of doing business has lead to unprecedented retention of customers.


We choose our employees carefully, and turnover at our company has been negligible. We are very proud that their average length of service with AMS is nine years. Most of our people were already working in the wine industry prior to coming to AMS. It is their depth of wine industry and technology experience that makes what we do possible. We employ thirteen people who know our software, our industry, and our clients.

We stand behind our product. Half of our employees are directly involved in serving and supporting our customers. The other half works behind the scenes toward the same end.

What Makes AMS Unique

We are focused exclusively on the wine industry customers and their needs. Our specialization allows us to be familiar with industry best practices and the unique needs of our customers.

We are privately held, and take a long-term view of our business, our customer relationships, and our product. We are financially stable and expect to be here for the long term.

We keep our product affordable. We are able to spread our development and support costs over many customers, keeping cost to each customer affordable.

We are known for the extraordinary stability of our product. Hundreds of people count on us for the rock solid systems they rely on to perform their work each day.

More customers mean more good ideas. Customer feedback and experience from working through our client’s business issues has helped shape our systems. Each of our modules has more features than can be found elsewhere. And our product has modules to automate more of your operation than anyone else in the business.

We have stood the test of time. We are in our third decade in business and we have ongoing relationships with over one hundred customers, many have been with us since the early days.

Everyone under the sun has audited our systems. For over twenty years public accountants, internal auditors, bank auditors, and the TTB have audited AMS information in dozens of companies.

Flexibility. AMS systems are the most flexible in the industry. Over one hundred wineries have been able to tailor them to the needs of their businesses.

We communicate openly. If our product has a weakness, you can count on hearing about it from us. If AMS is not a good choice for your situation we will tell you. Long-term relationships are our hallmark, and we think trust is an important element.

We develop to a high standard. Before programming anything we carefully analyze how a job is actually performed, not just at one company but also at many. Our systems adhere to principles of sound business process. A customer can’t see most of what is inside a computer software package. But we know. We take pride in our work, even the things you can’t see.