Wholesale Order Processing

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  • Used to process distributor orders
  • Also well suited to processing direct-to-retail sales orders within California
  • Supports stock-transfer orders
  • Supports custom sales types
  • Supports order templates and copying from order to order
  • Supports no-charge orders and no-charge line-items
  • Supports pre-payment with deposit tracking
  • For brokers and marketing companies: supports automatic generation of A/P batches for payment to product suppliers
  • Produces picking documents
  • Produces bills of lading
  • Properly handles excise taxes for: in-state, out of state, export, and transfer-in-bond orders
  • Computes sales tax as needed
  • Supports stock items and non-stock items
  • Allows for miscellaneous billings and comments
  • Checks for delinquent customers & issues a warning or holds the order
  • Performs stock checks & issues warnings
  • Performs allocation checks and blocks over-commit
  • Supports date-sensitive price and discount changes
  • Supports a special purchase allowance discount calendar
  • Supports quantity discounts and assortments with exclusions
  • Supports product availability rules: blocks sales by brand, state, customer etc.
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