Sales Analysis

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  • Reports in cases or 9 liter equivalent cases
  • Reports case, dollars, average price, costs, gross margin, percent of total
  • Hundreds of user-customizable formats
  • Sales vs. depletions
  • Sales vs. last year sales
  • Sales vs. goal/forecast/budget: current year or next year
  • Current period, Year-to-date, month-by-month, year-by-year, rolling n months
  • Supports multiple budget packages in the same year
  • Flexible on-the-fly definition of fiscal year
  • Rank by cases or dollars with subtotals and cutoffs (top 30; subtotal every 10)
  • Select, sort and total by: region, division, market, state, salesman, broker, customer, customer grouping, brand, label, category, product type, product line, tier
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